By Taylor Villeneuve, Build ON Employment Consultant

As the spring months are upon us, Canadians are itching to get outside and immerse themselves in the sights and smells of spring. Flowers are blooming, snow is melting, and grass is growing. With all of these changes, comes many new opportunities for finding employment outdoors. The skilled trades, landscaping and construction industries are key players in helping newcomers gain Canadian work experience. Whether it's planting gardens, building decks and fences, or working in outdoor recreation facilities, seasonal jobs in these industries provide invaluable hands-on experience and exposure to Canadian work culture. In this blog post, we'll explore how newcomers can navigate and excel in these fields, leveraging the seasonal influx of jobs to gain valuable Canadian work experience.
Participating in seasonal work offers several benefits for newcomers. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in a Canadian workplace, which is highly valued by employers. This experience not only helps newcomers develop essential job skills but also enhances their understanding of workplace norms and expectations in Canada. Additionally, seasonal work allows newcomers to network with local employers and colleagues, expanding their professional contacts and potentially leading to future employment opportunities. Moreover, the flexibility of seasonal work can accommodate newcomers who may be exploring different career paths or adjusting to life in a new country. Overall, seasonal outdoor work in Ontario presents a valuable pathway for newcomers to gain Canadian work experience and establish themselves in their new communities.
Canada's skilled trades sector encompasses a diverse range of professions, from carpentry and plumbing to electrical work and welding. These trades play a vital role in building and maintaining the country's infrastructure, making them integral to the Canadian economy. You can begin searching for jobs as a seasonal facilities manager for a recreation centre, large office buildings, or a school. For newcomers with skills and experience in these areas, there are abundant opportunities awaiting you.
The construction industry experiences a significant increase in activity during the spring months, as warmer weather allows for more extensive projects and outdoor work- such as building decks and fences. Newcomers looking to break into this sector should consider acquiring relevant certifications or licenses, such as safety training or trade-specific qualifications- all of which can be gained through government funded programs, such as the Pre-Apprenticeship Home Renovation Training located at the YMCA of the National Capital Region in Ottawa, or Power of Trades programs at YMCA’s in the Greater Toronto Area, Southwestern Ontario and Ottawa. Additionally, networking with local construction companies and attending job fairs can provide valuable leads and connections, as well as looking at city websites for seasonal positions.
As lawns awaken from their winter slumber and gardens come to life, the demand for landscaping services soars. From planting and pruning to hardscaping and lawn maintenance, there's no shortage of work for skilled individuals in this field. Newcomers with a passion for outdoor work and a green thumb can find fulfilling employment opportunities while beautifying the communities they now call home.
Tips for Success:
  • Invest in upgrading skills: Consider enrolling in government funded programs to enhance your qualifications and stay competitive in the job market.
  • Build a professional network: get your Build ON employment consultant to help you join pre-arrival mentorship facilitated by OCISO, join online forums, and connect with professionals in your field to learn about job opportunities and gain valuable insights.
  • Be flexible and proactive: Embrace temporary or seasonal work opportunities as stepping stones to permanent employment. Demonstrate your willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges. Remember, this does not have to be your long-term career.
One of the biggest challenges newcomers face when entering the Canadian job market is the lack of local work experience. Seasonal and contract positions in skilled trades, construction, and landscaping provide an excellent opportunity to bridge this gap. By gaining hands-on experience in Canadian workplaces, newcomers can demonstrate their skills, adaptability, and work ethic to prospective employers, paving the way for long-term career success.