Build ON Consultation


Build ON is a pre-arrival service funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We provide specialized information and orientation about the Skilled Trades, Engineering and Construction sectors to individuals who are overseas and approved to immigrate to Canada and show an interest in working in Ontario's Skilled Trades, Engineering and Construction sectors.

There is no cost to participate or to register with us.

If you have been approved to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident and you have a desire to work in the Skilled Trades, Engineering and Construction sectors in Ontario, this service is for you!

Our team of Employment Consultants are knowledgeable and current in all areas relating to employment in the Skilled Trades, Engineering and Construction fields in Ontario.  Click here to meet the team and see who we are.


One-on-one Consultations: we offer one-on-one consultation sessions where clients will be connected with Employment Consultants and receive personalized consultations on an as needed basis. 

  • Our clients have access to individualized consultation sessions with Employment Consultants on an as needed basis 
  • Clients are provided employment information in preparation for working in Ontario
  • These online one-on-one consultations take place through the clients preferred platform (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, email, etc.) 
  • Personalized action plans are developed during the employment consultation process to reach the client's employment goals


Online Training Materials: we provide access to online workshops and documents that clients can watch and download. They cover a broad range of topics relevant to employment in Canada.  

  • These training materials are available at your convenience to ensure that you can refer to the content whenever is most suitable
  • Your Employment Consultant will assign training materials based on your individual needs
  • These training materials cover a vast array of topics and instructions on the various pathways as well as general employment information including what to expect in the Canadian workplace culture
  • Some of the topics include Job Searching Strategies, Employment Standards, Cultural Adaptation and much more. 


Live and On-demand Webinars: we provide webinars to our clients on a broad range of topics that are related to employment and settlement in Canada.

  • You can find details on upcoming webinars on the event page of the website
  • These webinars are on different topics and they are usually specific to employment and settlement in Canada
  • Through these webinars you can get access to additional resourcesthat you can refer to at your convenience


Connection to Mentors: if eligible, we offer connections to professional mentors working in the same field or a related field within Ontario in order to support your integration into the Canadian workplace. 

  • Mentors help clients develop employment action plans
  • Clients are able to develop professional networks within their field even before they arrive 
  • Clients are able to access first hand information about the realities of working in their profession in the Canadian context


Information on the Skilled Trades: we provide information on the Skilled Trades in Ontario and the pathways for certification for the different Skilled Trades in Ontario

  • Clients have access to an interactive webpage outlining information about working in the Skilled Trades in Ontario
  • Detailed information on each Skilled Trade sector and Skilled Trades certification are provided to clients interested in the skilled trades in Ontario
  • Registered clients have access to Employment Consultants who have specific knowledge of the skilled trades in Ontario 


Information on Engineering: we provide information on Engineering in Ontario, the licensing pathways, and support available for internationally-trained engineers.



  • Access to a User Dashboard which tracks your progress through the service
  • Services offered in English and French 
  • The flexibility to organize consultation sessions at your own pace
  • No cost and accessible services