Meet Jessica, 

Build ON Director

Hello! My name is Jessica and I am the Director for the YMCA-YWCA Build ON program. I grew up with a parent in the Canadian Forces and moved around a lot, but I still consider myself an East coaster! I love my job and my Y family. I was an Information and Referral Specialist at the YMCA-YWCA Newcomer Information Centre before joining the Build ON team. My ultimate enjoyment is to travel and experience different cultures and languages. I strongly believe everyone has an amazing story to tell and I’m looking forward to helping you with yours as you settle in Canada! 

Meet Noeul,

Build ON Program Coordinator

Hello! My name is Noeul Kang, and I am the Program Coordinator for Build ON. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in English literature as well as a diploma in hospitality. After graduation, I worked with clients from diverse backgrounds for over five years in the client service industry, including teaching students with learning difficulties such as Autism and working as an English-Korean interpreter/translator. After I immigrated to Canada, I faced many hurdles in assimilating to Canadian culture and job search. As a newcomer myself, I can say that I can deeply relate to your situation and am ready to be your support system for your successful integration and settlement in Canada. I love helping people. My passion is significantly aligned with the Build ON team: Helping newcomers to have a smooth transition to integrate and settle in Canada. I’m eagerly anticipating meeting all of you, and I await opportunities to help you out on your meaningful settlement journey to Canada.

Meet Adriana,

Build ON Employment Consultant

Hello! My name is Adriana Bannan and I am an Employment Consultant with Build ON. I have been working with newcomers for 7+ years in ESL Programs in Ottawa. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Applied Language Studies with a Minor in American Sign Language. The topic of employment has always been a favorite of mine when I was teaching. Seeing my students successfully achieve their goals in finding employment or volunteer positions, has given me confidence in making the decision to pursue my niche and become a part of the  Build ON Program. With Build ON, I am excited to fulfill my passion in continuing to help newcomers prepare to make their transition into Canada, while providing them with advice on how to meet their goals and needs for future opportunities.

Meet Marie Merci,

Build ON Employment Consultant

Hello! My name is Marie Merci Uwase and I am an Employment Consultant with Build ON. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and I have been working with immigrants for a year and a half. Being an immigrant myself and having experienced some of the hardships that newcomers go through, I understand the challenges and the vulnerability that newcomers can face in a new environment. This is why I am determined to help make a difference in the lives of newcomers by helping them achieve their professional and personal goals while they look forward to enjoying their new community.

Meet Masuma, 

Build ON Employment Consultant

Hello! My name is Masuma Hussaini and I am an Employment Consultant with Build ON. I have a Masters in Economics with some business and start-up courses and more than 12 years’ experience working closely with university students, business women and different programs. I am a newcomer to Canada and I greatly empathize with new immigrants' challenges and concerns. I had a similar situation with my first few months in Canada, such as not having much information about culture and experiencing culture shock, not being familiar with job search, having concerns with education and much more. I made it and you will too! I’m looking forward to meeting with you in our program.

Meet Saunia,

Project Facilitator- Pre Arrival Mentoring 

In Partnership with Build On, OCISO pre-arrival mentoring helps newcomers destined to Ontario prepare for employment within their chosen field. As Project Facilitator, Saunia connects internationally trained professionals (Mentees) with Professionals (Mentors) who live and work in the province of Ontario. She provides one on one orientation sessions with mentees, clarifies long and short-term career goals and matches those who are eligible with a professional who will provide one on one mentoring support online.