Emil Milar 

"One good thing about Build ON program is that they introduce you to a mentor; they will guide you as well  and give you tip on how to settle before you arrive in Canada. " - Emil.

Paul Jiang

Paul was a commission engineer in China and worked with a multi- national power generation equipment provider. A couple of months ago, he met his Employment Consultant from Build On... To read more about Paul click here.

"I would [like] to say thank you for all the help you offered me at the initial stage and thank you so much for being there and providing wonderful support to newcomers like me" - Muhammad.

"I have got a full time job as System Software Engineer at Nuco in Downtown Toronto. Thank you for helping me in creating Canadian style resume and referring me for the mentorship program. They suggested me many things that I need to be aware of at the interview. I strongly believe that these suggestions will continue to help me in doing my job optimally".

- Gurdeepak.

After i got my Visa and COPR, I was so happy and eager to start the preparation for my new life, now the landing preparation has just started and after two weeks of online search I was still lost, until I have seen an ad about BuildON and its free pre-arrival services, at first I contacted them just to get more information, and I was surprised how welcoming and supportive they were, you can't imagine the help they have provided, free webinars free documentation about the city that I was going to land in, free Resume and cover letter Review, they even put me in a mentorship program, the results: when I landed I was fully prepared I knew what to do and where to go, and because of them I have landed a job related to my field (IT) in my first week in Canada.

I would really recommend this program to all new immigrants and I am thankful to you from the bottom of my heart.

- Moncef Belferragui