• Benghy Germain

    Benghy Germain is from Haiti. He registered with Build ON Pre-Arrival Services to find out how he would be able to start his career in the skilled trades upon his arrival to Ottawa as a mechanic. With the help of his Employment Consultant he gained a better insight into the skilled trades sector in Ontario ...

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  • Siddhartha Chaudhury

    Sid registered to Build ON because he felt that the Skilled Trades would be a great fit for him, considering his background as a civil engineer back in India. He was hoping to find an alternative career in the skilled trades and with the help of his employment consultant he

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  • Pau Jiang

    Paul was a commission engineer in China and worked with a multi- national power generation equipment provider. A couple of months ago, he met his Employment Consultant from Build On and

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  • An interaction with the mentors gives us an expert view on the ground reality and how to prepare before we land. Setting the right expectations before we land is key and interacting with the mentors is immensely helpful. Thank you Build ON for your support. ~ Abhishek
  • Build ON Mentorship program has helped me immensely in understanding the programs and procedures in the new country, apart from the loads of information and experiences that I received under the program. I appreciate the facilitators for planning the interactions in a very organized manner. ~ Rohit
  • Build ON really helped me clearly understand the dos and donts of job search. They also helped me gain confidence about my ability to get a good job by giving valuable feedback. They helped me connect with two professionals in my field of expertise and they have been so helpful and connected. ~ Hiranya