• Benghy Germain

    Benghy Germain is from Haiti. He registered with Build ON Pre-Arrival Services to find out how he would be able to start his career in the skilled trades upon his arrival to Ottawa as a mechanic. With the help of his Employment Consultant he gained a better insight into the skilled trades sector in Ontario ...

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  • Siddhartha Chaudhury

    Sid registered to Build ON because he felt that the Skilled Trades would be a great fit for him, considering his background as a civil engineer back in India. He was hoping to find an alternative career in the skilled trades and with the help of his employment consultant he

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  • Pau Jiang

    Paul was a commission engineer in China and worked with a multi- national power generation equipment provider. A couple of months ago, he met his Employment Consultant from Build On and

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  • The consultation experience was very positive and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. In fact, I was a bit confused and stressed with so many questions and doubts in mind and the session helped a lot to alleviate my qualms and get more clarity on many topics ~ Ashish
  • Build ON really helped me clearly understand the dos and donts of job search. They also helped me gain confidence about my ability to get a good job by giving valuable feedback. They helped me connect with two professionals in my field of expertise and they have been so helpful and connected. ~ Hiranya
  • I registered with Build ON a couple of months prior to immigration. [My consultant] was more like a person who really cares and not just consults. She was always in contact and ready to answer whatever question I had. She shared the information which was needed for me to get prepared for settling and job search. And this is her merit that upon arrival, I had an understanding of how things work in Canada. Work with her made a positive impression about Build ON. ~ Alex