Labour Market Information

When planning a career in the skilled trades, knowledge about the Labour Market Information (LMI) is useful.  In order to get the best result from your labour market research and to get the most relevant information, you should consider three key things: the source, the quality and the usefulness of the information. 

The internet is a valuable tool when beginning your research. However it is important to keep in mind that not all information holds the same value. Government of Canada websites such as Job Bank,  Statistics Canada, and Service Canada offer a number of reports that may help you better understand demand in your field of interest.

Most LMI cannot be found online so it is important to be aware of what is described as the “Hidden Labour Market”. As a prospective immigrant, the importance of having direction with regards to which resources and practices to use cannot be overstated and this is why Build ON is essential to your integration. Build ON Employment Consultants are here to help you with your Labour Market research; help you discover new markets, and help you have your information in order.

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