Overview of Ontario

Located in Eastern Canada, Ontario is the country’s most populous and multicultural province. Its economy and quality of life make it an attractive destination, drawing close to 50% of all immigrants settling in the country. Ontario residents are a diverse mix, coming from 200 countries, speaking 130 languages, and making daily contributions to their communities. When choosing where to live in Ontario, important questions to ask yourself include:

  • Does my community of settlement have jobs in my field of interest?
  • Will I find people of my cultural background?
  • Where can I get help when I arrive?

Ontario is divided into six different regions: the Greater Toronto Area, Eastern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario, Southcentral Ontario, Central Ontario and Northern Ontario, all with communities of different sizes. In the larger communities, there are services available to assist you with finding housing, accessing healthcare, adjusting to Canadian culture or finding employment. Employment opportunities in your Skilled Trade of interest can vary from region to region according to demand.

Selecting a new community to call home is one of the most important decisions to make when preparing your move. Our Build ON service is meant to make sure you have the tools needed to make the best decisions for you and your family. 

Through our individual consultations and online workshops, our Build ON Employment Consultants can help with:

  • Getting you in touch with  services available in your future community
  • Labour Market Information related to the Skilled Trades in your city of choice
  • Tips on how to find employment in your new community

There are many preparations to make before you move to Ontario. Don’t wait until you land in Canada, start now with Build ON.


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