Moving to Ontario

Becoming a permanent resident can be time-consuming, and understanding what you need to move to Canada can be equally demanding. Moving to a new country means leaving familiar surroundings and loved ones behind, as you prepare for a new life. Also, moving involves thinking about gathering, packing and transporting your belongings. Sorting through available information regarding your upcoming move to Ontario can be a challenge.  During the moving process, questions to consider include:

As a future resident of Ontario, moving also involves knowing about your rights and responsibilities. For example, once you arrive, you are free to move anywhere in the country and are protected against all forms of discrimination. Understanding your rights is also useful when starting employment anywhere in Ontario. Getting tips on where to find this information takes you one step closer to successfully navigating Canadian society and its job market.

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There are many preparations to make before you move to Ontario. Don’t wait until you land in Canada, start now with Build ON.


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