Success in the Workplace

There is a saying:  that by possessing the keys to success, you will be able to unlock your goals. Now, what are these “keys to success”? Usually, they refer to Essential Skills or knowledge. As an immigrant, you may have the technical skills required to work in your Skilled Trade or Engineering profession, but you may be missing (or need to improve on) your Soft Skills. Informing yourself today on Essential Skills will help you:

  • Integrate into the Canadian workplace
  • Advance in your role as a tradesperson
  • Advance in your career by helping you meet your employer’s expectations

Once you are aware of Essential Skills, it is time to put them into practice. Should the opportunity exist, meeting with a Canadian Cultural Advisor can help you refine your Essential Skills. Many Ontario communities hosts a number of Mentorship and Volunteer opportunities.  Having some direction on getting connected with your new community can help you with:

  • Building your social networks
  • Practice your Essential Skills

It takes preparation to become successful in the Canadian workplace. Although you are currently living in another country, you can start building on your Essential Skills today.  By registering with Build ON, we can help you be prepared for success in the Canadian workplace. We can help you with:

  • Finding the right information to get you started with your profession
  • Building on your Essential Skills for success
  • Getting connected with your future community
Success in the workplace might appear to come easy to some, but with the right tools and experience, success can be yours as well!

Register today, and Build ON with us!