Falling snowflakes in white and silver of different shapes and sizes are falling on a black Background Alessandro Vignando, Information Referral Specialist with NIC

Canada is famous for its immense wealth of natural landscapes, fantastic nature reserves and dense forests (did you know that 10% of the world's forests are in Canada?). But Canada is also recognized worldwide for its snowy landscapes.

Below you will find more about some of the wonderful attractions and landscapes you should visit in Canada during the winter season.

Niagara Falls, Niagara, Ontario

Niagara Falls has always attracted thousands of curious visitors, and even in winter they are a breathtaking sight to experience. When the temperature drops, the impressive falls freeze, giving the impression that the water has stopped flowing: a fantastic sight to see! During the Winter Festival of Lights, the falls and the entire city of Niagara light up with the colors of the rainbow.

Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City truly reigns majestic in winter! The Château Frontenac is like a glowing image from a 19th century book, while the streets of the old city exude charm and romance under the snow. And there are plenty of activities, including the ice hotel, dog sledding, and the ice-covered Montmorency Falls.

The only ice hotel in North America opens every winter, January through March. Made entirely of snow and ice, the Hôtel de Glace is an architectural marvel that is a sight to behold. Explore the beautiful Grand Hall, chapel, ice slide, rooms and suites and finish your visit at the Ice Bar with a chilled drink served in an ice glass. You can visit the Hôtel de Glace or even try the ultimate winter experience of an overnight stay.

The event not to be missed: Quebec City's Carnaval is the largest winter festival in the world, with programming bursting with fun and totally unique activities: a canoe race on the frozen St. Lawrence River, night parades, giant soccer games, maple syrup and "beaver tail" tastings, ice sculptures, carriage rides and more!

Banff National Park

A summer travel destination, Moraine Lake in Banff transforms into a winter wonderland reminiscent of a picture perfect snow globe. With the snowy mountains bordering the lake and the brightly reflecting blue waters, the Banff winter landscape looks like something out of Disney's Frozen. If you feel like taking a hike, climbing a frozen waterfall or cross-country skiing, there are many beautiful places like Johnston Canyon within Banff National Park that offers snow-covered trails with towering icicles and frozen pools.

Wonderful outdoor winter activities in Ottawa

As snow blankets the Ottawa region, nature lovers head outside to take advantage of the fresh air. Fun activities like ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and more are easily accessible within the city and in the nearby countryside. During the first three weekends of February each year, the Ottawa-Gatineau region hosts the Canadian celebration of winter, Winterlude. The event features a giant snow playground, a professional ice sculpture challenge, as well as programming on the Rideau Canal Skate way and in neighborhoods throughout the city. Most of the activities are free! The Rideau Canal Skate way - the largest natural ice rink in the world - tops the list of the best ice skating experiences in Ottawa. The Skate way is open daily from approximately late December through late February, weather permitting. 

Just a 15-minute drive north of downtown Ottawa, Gatineau Park is a mecca for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. If you want to extend your winter adventures and make it a weekend of fun, Gatineau Park offers adventurers four-season campsites, cabins, yurts and tents accessible via ski and snowshoe trails.

Nowhere on Earth captures the magic of winter like Canada! Winter is cold, but Canadians have learned to embrace the snow and ice with activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, ice skating, snowshoeing, ice carving, glacier hiking, Northern Lights watching and throwing winter festivals. When you dress warmly and enjoy the outdoor activities, winter becomes a fun time of year full of adventure for all!