Pathways to Skilled Trades Certification

Ontario Skilled Trade workers sometimes require certification before being able to work. As a prospective immigrant to Ontario, it is important to inform yourself on the requirements to be able to work in your trade.  Some important questions to ask yourself before immigrating are:

  • Do I need to be certified to work in my trade?
  • (If yes) Which path is the best for me to become certified?
  • Does being certified add to my skills?

If you need certification, there are two main ways to do so. For many immigrants, who have significant experience in their trade, they may choose to challenge the Certification of Qualification Exam (CofQ). To challenge the CofQ Exam, you must first submit a Trade Equivalency Assessment (TEA); to be reviewed by the Ontario College of Trades. For those who do not meet the TEA requirements, they may choose to take the Apprenticeship Pathway instead. Once the apprenticeship has been completed, you will be able to challenge the CofQ to become fully-certified.

Summary of Ontario's trades certification pathways:

  • Trade Equivalency Assessment Pathway
  • Apprenticeship Pathway

Before arriving in Canada, it’s important to prepare yourself for the certification process.  Build ON Employment Consultants are here to help you. Through professional online consultations and customized workshops, we can assist you with:

  • Putting your documentation in order
  • Addressing which certification pathway works best for you
  • Helping you prepare for the CofQ exam
Understanding the pathways to Skilled Trade certification isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help you.    


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